Saturday, March 26, 2005

Columbus with the boys.

Back home from Columbus as of last night. I had a lot of fun actually.

I had The Boy, X and Kobe. We went to COSI and Magic Mountain, and they got to swim and play GameCube all they wanted. I think they had fun, especially at Magic Mountain. I owned at Laser Tag! Yeah, so it was 5'5 me against my three boys, and two others, who aren't even pushing 5' yet, and one other dad. But still, I rocked! Just because I could look over the obstacles and shoot them from across the room, whereas they were far too short to do the same to me, well, that's irrelevant!

I'm totally the best babysitter ever. I sent X home with a giant knot on the back of his head. We were riding one of those centripetal force sorts of rides, where the force makes you stick to the wall, and the floor drops out from underneath you. X was terrified of it, but I talked him into going. I promised him he wouldn't get hurt, blah blah blah. Well, the poor kid rested his head on a bolt or something, and the force pushed his head back into it pretty hard. So now he's black and blue and swollen; like a golf ball on the back of his head. Yes, folks, trust me with your children!

On the bright side, he's very interested in centripetal force now. He's amazed at how we "flew." The Boy was less fascinated. He was mostly upset that they didn't have an arcade at COSI. Kobe liked it though. I think he's naturally more inclined toward liking science than the other boys.

The Boy was very impressive on one count though. We were walking in the park, waiting on COSI to open up, when we found a Spanish language Bible that somebody had left under a bridge. When The Boy realized it was a Bible, he insisted that we bring it home with us, because you can't leave a Bible out in the weather. What if it rained? Or snowed? So we ended up taking it with us. I don't know what purpose I'll have for a Spanish Bible, but you never know I guess.

I'm probably going back to Columbus for a few days next week. I'm trying to think of fun things for the kids to do there. They'll never get tired of Magic Mountain, I'm sure, which is relatively cheap, but it's kind of boring for me. There's the Zoo, if the weather is decent. And there's always just hanging around the hotel and playing basketball and swimming, I guess. Maybe I should rent some kid friendly movies to take down with us.

Columbus with the boys was a blast, but reality sort of hit when I got home. Geez, I have a lot to do next week. As for now, I need to get ready. My brother, mom and I are planning on going out to dinner in a couple of hours and I've been too lazy to so much as grab a shower so far today.