Tuesday, May 31, 2005

ER Again.

So yesterday was half nice and half crap.

Brother, wife and baby came over for Memorial Day. Watched the baby bounce in her walker. It's really cute. She's so used to her Johnny Jumper that she thinks everything operates by bouncing. So she hops up and down to move the walker forward. She's definitely a little Tigger girl.

After they went home, I went to buy a decent memory card for my camera, and I took a mouse over to Jasmin's. As I was pulling up to Jas' house, my mom called. She wanted to go to the emergency room, so I jetted back home and then headed for Ashland.

It wasn't a huge visit. She couldn't breathe well, and they gave her several breathing treatments, took a few x-rays and left us with a prescription for steroids and a z-pak. Mom's not feeling tons better, but she is feeling better enough to be stubborn about going to the doctor. She woke up in a rotten mood today, and refuses to call her doctor.


But anyway, I have to head out to the pharmacy. I'm going to buy the babies a few new ducks to play with while I'm there. For some reason, both of them like their ugly bright yellow duckies best out of all their toys.