Monday, May 30, 2005

Blood Pressure.

This weekend has sort of sucked. Not a whole lot, but sort of, at least.

I've been having terrible nightmares every night since like Wednesday. They got so bad Saturday night that I decided I didn't really need to sleep. So I watched tv all night, and finally fell asleep at like 10:00AM. I woke up at 2:30PM very, very grumpy.

I thought I was just sleepy, so I decided that I should go shopping for my great-nephew's birthday party next Sunday. Anything about Ty usually cheers me up, so it seemed like a good idea. However, I continued to pretty much feel like death.

I was dizzy and had that about-to-faint sensation, so mom talked me into taking my blood pressure. It was 70/53 with a pulse rate of 45. That's not disastrously low or anything, but it will make you feel lousy. Mom started all freaking out about how low it was and trying to make me go to the hospital.

I decided to go buy pizza instead.

I still feel lousy and my blood pressure is still low, but meh. I'm glad tomorrow's Tuesday and life can go back to normal. Sort of.