Monday, March 31, 2003

So, today I have to start back to school. Depressing. Very depressing. All of the excitement for the whole quarter will undoubtedly go down today. And I'm too tired, probably, to notice much of it.

I wish to hell I'd get a paycheck for all the driving I've been doing lately. It's not so much that I need the money, as it is that I'm curious to how much I'll get. It doesn't particularly matter, as I volunteered to do it before I knew I'd get paid, and I'd do it even if I wasn't getting paid, but I'd still like to know for the sake of budgeting. I'm estimating around $100 a week, though I'm not certain. That's just over $1000, I think, by the time I leave for Europe, which means I can stop worrying so much about buying my books for this quarter. It's sort of a nice thing.

Outside of that, mom beat me at Scrabble last night. And April beat me at Pictionary the night before. Well, she beat me once, and I tied her twice. But I still never beat her.

I'm sitting here telling myself: Go fix your notebook, so you can go to school. Go change your clothes, so you'll be ready on time. Go locate your shoes, so you don't have to go barefoot in the snow. Go eat, so you're not hungry all day. And how much of that have I done? Not one bit, I assure you. And I'm not excited to start doing it either. Bah, it's going to be a long quarter.