Tuesday, April 01, 2003

It's already hard to make myself get out of bed. I hate Spring Quarter.

So, last night I picked out new glasses. Or rather, I assented to those chosen for me. To say that I picked them out would imply a greater affinity than I think appropriate. Nevertheless, I assented, so the responsibility is mine.

And I went to the dentist this morning. Just a routine cleaning, but the dentist is concerned with my constant teeth grinding. He says that the wear on my back teeth make it look like I'm an old woman, though I still have a nice set of teeth over all. It's just the clenching of my jaw and grinding that's wearing them down. I can't do a lot about it, since I do it unconsciously. He says that I probably even do it in my sleep. Ahh, well, I'll stop when I notice it, but that's the best that I can do.

School is okay. My Bible as Literature class is sort of irksome already. It'll get better I think. But for now, we're covering the most basic facts about the Bible. Things like what is the Vulgate? Who translated it? What was the Septuagint, and why was it created? And who was William Tyndale, and why did he translate as he did? These aren't bad questions. But hearing kids venture opinions, when you already know the answer and just don't feel like coming off like a know-it-all, is irritating.

German is as German is. I need to refresh on some things. Meh. I have Anthropology next. And I dropped my Photography class in favor of this boring looking Sociology class I need to take before graduation. I sort of wanted this to be a light quarter, since my finals will end the day before I leave for Europe. But at least I'm getting things done. If I ever stop being such a slacker, this shouldn't be the most difficult quarter for me.

Going to find food.