Sunday, September 07, 2003

Last night, April and I decided we were going to go play pool. I drove to her house, picked her up, and we went to Ashland. But the place was already closed for the night. I guess this shouldn’t have surprised us. We are talking about Ashland after all, and ninety-nine percent of places close down before nine o’clock. The remaining one percent close by midnight. Everyone has to get up to milk the cows in the morning, so it doesn’t really make any sense to be open past nine.

So, we went to Mansfield to get slushies. We went to one gas station, and they had almost no selection so far as slushies go. So we went to Walmart, where April assured me, they have a good selection of slushies. Alas, when we got there, the slushy machine was broken. So we were stifled again.

Another night of frustration for April and I, who seem to never catch anything when it’s opening and/or functional.

I came home and was sick for a while. Then I read some. I woke up today, ate, played video games, and read some more. Now I’m blogging. I never have anything to do. And I love it. It’s truly lovely.