Saturday, January 17, 2004

First best friend: Jimmy, if family counts. Sarah Esterline if it doesn't.
First car: '90 Chevy Lumina. Hell yeah! Duct taped up windows and breaks that set on fire.
First date: Gah, with Doug when I was fourteen.
First real job: Eagle Crusher. It was only a typing job though; I didn't get to crush any eagles.
First self purchased album: Radiohead's OK Computer.
First piercing/tattoo: I was still a baby I think. It gave my ear infections. Piercing, I mean. My ears.
First enemy: I think it was Joey Kuhn.
First big trip: I went to Niagra Falls whilst still in the womb.
First play/musical/performance: I think I had one in preschool, but if not, Christmas 1987, Union Elementary School.
First band you remember hearing in your house: Fleetwood Mac. When I was little my mom was obsessed with "Little Lies" and she'd make us play the record over and over again for her. Whenever it went off, she'd yell "Play It Again, Sam!" and all the kids would go sprinting in to do it because we liked to play with the record player.

Last big car ride: Up to Michigan to see Rory, unless my trips to Columbus count. I don't think they do; too short.
Last good cry: There is no such thing as a good cry. Damn crywalkers.
Last library book checked out: I can't remember the name, but it was about how Christianity was shifting to the global south. At least, that's the last book I got for me that I can remember.
Last movie seen: "The Face on the Milk Carton." It was a Kelly Martin film on Lifetime. Kelly Martin is so better than Tracy Gold.
Last beverage drank: The water I spilled all over myself at Steak n' Shake last night.
Last food consumed: Strawberry Sundae. And if that doesn't count, I had a ham sandwich earlier that night.
Last phone call: My nephew Robbie.
Last tv show watched: I think I was watching the music channel at some point yesterday.
Last time showered: About 20 minutes ago.
Last shoes worn: Converse All Stars.
Last cd played: Robinella and the CCStringband.
Last item bought: Vanilla Milk Moover at a gas station.
Last soda drank: 7Up. No caffeine for me damnit.
Last ice cream eaten: Strawberry Sundae.
Last time wanting to die: How about now? I still want to die while somebody remembers me, damnit!
Last time scolded: I don't know for sure, but it was almost certainly Jasmin's doing.
Last shirt worn: Uhh, a black one.
Last website visited:, clearly.

A - Age: 21
B - Best Quality: Capacity for deep thought if pumped with alcohol and/or pizza.
C - Choice Of Meat: Beef. I like 'em beefy.
D - Dream Date: Yes, I dreamed about getting a date one time. Sweet fantasy.
E - Ex: I guess Doug is my most famous ex. He has kids now! Damn luck; could've been me.
F - Favorite Food: Pizza.
G - Greatest Accomplishment: My father tells me that it was appearing on Academic Challenge in high school. But I think that it actually might have been falling off the war memorial in Rome. Not every idiot can do it twice, you know. Especially, they can't do it twice and live. Hell, yeah!
H - Happiest Day of Your Life: Right now is nice. But I say that every day.
J - Job title: Research Assistant. Driver. Erm...
K - Kool-Aid: Blue.
L - Love: Dispassionate, friends, dispassionate!
M - Most Valued Thing I Own: My notebooks full of stories and poems and stuff that I've been writing since I was little.
O - Outfit You Love: I wear the same thing every day. All stars, blue jeans, dark shirt.
P - Pizza Topping: Don't care much as long as it doesn't fall under the category of vegetable.
Q - Question you want to ask: When am I going to make myself get up and go out into the cold?
R - Red is what: Randy Appleseed's favorite color. Damn commie.
S - Sport To Watch: Hockey.
T - Television Show: Aqua Teen Hungerforce.
U - Unique habit: Well, my no touch rule seems to impress people.
V - Very bad habit: A slight propensity toward nihlism, perhaps?
W - Winter: filling my lungs with cold air since 1982.
X - X-rays you've had: Name it, I done messed it up at some point and needed a good look over.
Y - Year Born: 1982.
Z - Zodiac Sign: Gemini.