Monday, January 19, 2004

Kind of a funny moment from tonight, talking to my sister and dad about the peculiar state of being part of my family.

Donna: Hell, I think every Hopkins had to have kicked an ass or two in their time.
Me: ::laughs:: Yeah.
Donna: Well, maybe you never beat anybody up. You're about the nicest kid in the whole clan.
Dad: Oh, I think Sarah's had a few fights in her day.
Me: Yeah, and I always won too. I've never lost a fight. It takes me a long time to get temperamental, but once I've lost it, I'm the meanest damned Hopkins you ever saw.
Donna: I believe it!
Dad: You really should. She's like the female Jerry*. Actually, come to think of it, you're quiet like he was, too. I bet you scare the hell out of everybody in the whole clan.
Me: Yeah? I don't think so. But I sure hope I do. It would be pretty cool to have a rep as the meanest living Hopkins.

* Jerry was my great-grandfather. He's fondly-remembered for stories such as the one in which he smashed my grandpa's head with a hammer, because he was too slow bringing the nails; and his favorite dinner-time trick, in which the children weren't given a proper supper during the depression days, and Jerry would tempt them with the stuff on his plate and say things like: "Do you like this pie? Well, then, watch me eat it."