Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Spring Break is enjoyable. I'm not doing anything terribly exciting. But I'm having good times. It's no Ireland, but that's all right, 'cos I'm broke anyway and couldn't really afford the trip.

So a lot has happened since the 13th of March!

Winter Quarter ended, for starters. I managed As in Russian and African History, and a B+ in Astronomy. The B+ sort of annoys me. But I had a bad start in that class. I got a 74 on my first exam because it fell on the day of my grandfather's funeral. I didn't have time to study for that one. So I've been trying to climb out of the hole all quarter. I pulled my other test scores up quite a lot, but it wasn't enough to dig me out of the hole, I guess. That's the downside of the quarter system. 10 weeks isn't very long to make up for your mistakes.

The last day of Finals, I got in a wreck. We'd had a freak snow storm the night before. The next day the roads seemed to be pretty clean. But I managed to find an icy patch on a bridge in the country, and wrecked my father's newly unweighted truck. So that was nice. I nearly killed myself three ways. But I escaped with only a dent in the front of the truck, and a sore neck and back.

That night was much nicer though. My friends and I went out drinking, which is something I very rarely do these days. It was good times. We all got a little tipsy, and acted silly, and had a good time. Being as I've been unusually uptight lately - and remember, I'm always uptight - it was good to unwind a little. I have funny stories about it, but no time to tell them in. And somehow it seems mean spirited to blog about things that happened when everybody was out of it. So I won't.

Saturday night I went to see the Passion of the Christ with Jody. This time the cinematic weaknesses of the film were more clear to me. I really did enjoy the movie, and I think that it's doing a lot of good things. But I don't know that anyone would think it was so great if it wasn't about such a great subject matter. Anyway, I'm going to post a long review someday. But not today because I have to leave for the dentist in a few minutes.

I've managed to mess up going to dentist pretty well. I think I've managed to drag out what ought to have been two visits into three. And I don't know exactly what I'm even going for today, since they can't clean my teeth until the 1st of April, for insurance reasons. But I still had to get up early and all that.

That's my only big complaint about Spring Break this year. I'm not getting as much sleep as I'd like. Yesterday I got up early to go to work before I went to Jasmin's at noon. I had fun at Jasmin's though. She took me to see the house she's thinking of buying. We picked her son up from school, and we all watched Grease together. I'm not a big Grease fan, but Jasmin enjoyed it so much that I couldn't help enjoying it too. Besides, Jesse and I were playing guns throughout. And afterward we played Harry Potter and wrastling and whatnot. So that was great. He didn't want me to leave when it came time; the kid actually barred the door. It was nice. I like kids and there aren't a lot around me these days.

In any case, it's ten and I have to be at the dentist at ten thirty and I haven't even brushed my teeth yet today. So I have to get moving.