Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Graduating Sucks.

So, here we go! My first blog as an official college graduate.

Can't you feel the difference?

Can't you?

Ahh, yes. No one can. Not even me.

Except for this difference. I am now unemployed. At all prior sans employment periods in my life, I was simply a student without a job. I am now totally freaking unemployed.

Graduating, it seems, is really rather traumatic. All those late nights spent up during my undergraduate days, working myself up into a stupor over what in the holy living hell I was going to do with myself after graduation have turned into the most terrible reality. Here I am, all graduated, with no idea what in the holy living hell to do with myself.


I'm now overqualified for all of the jobs I could've hoped to get hired at last week, and still totally underqualified for all of the jobs I started going to school in hopes to get. They require grad school, where, I am at least at this time, not.

Dude. Graduation sucks.